How To Search For Friends On Facebook Without Logging In

Facebook Friends

It is very possible to use Facebook to search for friends without having to login. There are many ways of doing this by using apps, plugins and different search websites but I am about to share with you the top 2 methods of finding your friends on Facebook without having to login.

Find Your Friends On Facebook Without Logging In by Using Google.

This is the first and very best way to find your friends on facebook without logging into your account. You do not need to be a computer mastermind to do this just do a simple search using the address bar in your chrome browser,

Type in the words and then click the space bar.

The words will go blue and then you can type in the name of the person and Google will then go into facebook and find anyone with that name and bring them into the search results.

The page that displays the search result sis`s own search engine. delivering you the results with pictures and details meaning that you can scan through the results and maybe find the person that you wore looking for.

Second Way To Find People On Facebook Without Logging In

Facebook has its own directory as you may be surprised to find out. The directory is accessible to anyone at all even if you do not have a facebook account. meaning that you do not have to be logged into facebook to use the directory and search for your friends.

Visit this page to look at the Facebook Directory.  You may use it to search for Friends, People , Pages and places. The directory is a great tool for finding things on facebook without being logged in.

The benefits of searching for people on facebook when you are logged in.

Searching for friends on facebook while you are not logged in is as we can see very possible though searching for friends while you are logged in is so much more productive.

When you are logged in you may use this search tool.

The facebook search tool that you have just seen is incredible and it will greatly increase the chances of you finding the person that you wore looking for.

The reason that it is so much more powerful to search for facebook friends when you are logged in is this.

Using the search tool you may enter details such as the persons

  1. Home Town
  2. Place Of Work
  3. Current City
  4. High school attended
  5. Mutual Friends
  6. Place of work

This means that you can really refine your search and greatly increase your chances of finding your friend on facebook.

Searching for your friends on Facebook without logging in is very possible yet as you can now see it is so much more effective to search for them when you are logged it. If you do not have a Facebook account then its about time that you got one ))


A big thank you to FBADDED.COM For sharing this post with us.

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