How To get Lots Of Friends On Facebook

Facebook is no doubt one of the most used social media websites right now. But opening a facebook account and making a sizable number of friends in a week or two can be quite a task. Adding thousands of new friends to the list of friends you already have, in a few days, cannot be a walk in the park either.

But is there a way of making massive friends on facebook fast, without necessarily sending lots of friend request?

Well, this is 2018 and it comes with lots of possibilities that you can ever imagine. While sending plenty of friend requests might help you build your friend list, your account might just be restricted or closed once it goes past the limits set for each day. But don’t you worry because I am going to help you discover ways of making as many friends on Facebook as possible without going through this hurdle. Just continue reading.

What Makes People Interested In Being Your Friends On Facebook?

By now you might have noticed that while logged on to facebook, there’s a small header on the top right of your page labelled People You May Know’. This same feature may also pop in the middle of your page, while you scroll down to see your friends’ pictures and posts. And there’s usually this Add Friend’ button on every person suggested in that list of people you may know. What facebook is basically trying to do is help you make as many friends as possible without having to search for them one by one.

It’s important to note that the same feature appears on every facebook account page of the friends of your friends. That means there’s a possibility of you getting as many friend requests as possible, if the people that see your profile really find it irresistible to hit the Add Friend’ button. And how can you ensure that? It’s very simple. Just put on a beautiful or visually appealing profile picture and you won’t have try so hard to attract more friends.

How Facebook Gets Your Account Name on the People You May Know’ List

Facebook is not just a social media website, where people meet and interact. It is a community. And just like any other community out there, it brings together people who are from the same location, work in the same place, live in the same town/city or share similar friends. Since Facebook has a record of all these details, it perfectly knows people who might just be interested in becoming friends with you. That’s where the People You May Know’ list comes in.

While the list considers all the details like common location, workplace and/or town, it’s mostly based on the friends you share with your friends. That’s why, in most cases, you’ll see below the name of the suggested friends x Mutual Friends’.

Get More Friends on Facebook Using These Simple Tricks

You already know to get more friends on facebook, you can either send friend requests to other people or receive the same from people who might know you. One of the magic tricks that can make people accept your friend requests fast or be prompted to press the Add Friend’ button is creating or changing your profile picture to be the most beautiful, attractive and inviting.

Just as like any other branding out there, your image speaks volumes about you even before one opens your profile. A profile with a plain or no picture will likely be ignored by the person that receives your friend request or spark little interest in the person who sees your profile on the people you may know list. So make sure your look your best on the profile pic.

Here are more tricks on how to get more friends on facebook:

-Visit your friends’ facebook pages and find people suggested to you as People You May Know’ and send them friend requests

-Send friend requests to people with over 2,000 friends or 100 followers in order to get your name suggested to as many people as possible

-Add up to 100 people each day so as to increase your friends as you move forward

-Remember to stick to the facebook rule that only allows users to accept 1,200 friend requests per week to avoid your account being restricted or blocked

Make Even More Friends and Followers As You Move Along

The maximum number of friends any user can have on a facebook account (personal) is 5,000. That means if you can strive to make 1,200 friends every week, then you would have hit the limit in one month or so. But then what happens to extra requests you send or receive from other people? Will they go to waste just like that?

Well, the good news is there’s a way through which you can make the extra requests from friends useful. All you need to do is go to your profile>Friends>More>Following and click on the Allow Everybody to Follow Me’ button. This way, people will automatically follow you, whenever they send friend request to you, even if you can’t accept their request.

What Does Having More Friends And Followers On Facebook Mean For You?

If you have a huge list of friends and followers on facebook, it means every time you upload a picture or make a post, it will receive massive likes, shares and comments. Doesn’t feel good to check your FB account and find 1000 people or so have liked or reacted to your newly uploaded picture? After all, that’s what facebook was created for. To allow people to share photos, experiences and inspiring content.

So getting as many friends as possible will not only make you visible in the internet space but will make it easier for you to interact with people whom you share common interest or those who just find it interesting being friends with you.

Now that you have the tips on how to go about making more friends on facebook, you can go ahead and implement the steps provided above.

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