Buy Facebook Friends

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Please ensure that your privacy settings allow anyone to send you a friends request.

What happens when you buy facebook friends

Firstly after you place your order for facebook friends we will check your account settings. The account needs to be open for anyone to send you friends requests. In order to make sure that anyone can send you friends requests please check this options page and make sure that the option is set for anyone to be able to send you friends requests.

Once we are sure that your settings are in order we will then start to promote your account, remember when you buy facebook friends you can choose your friends. we will promote your account and also send thousands of suggestions to people that you know them. within a few hours the requests will start flooding in.

How to handle friends requests

The friends that you buy are only the ones that you accept, you are welcome to filter through the friends requests that you receive and only accept the ones suitable to you. If your option to have followers is open then the unaccepted friends requests will become followers.

We can deliver upto 5 times more than you actually order top ensure that you only accept friends requests that you really want.

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